Tim Bowen

Plenary:"What on Earth is Happening to English"

In part 1 of this plenary, we will review the sources of English words and expressions and also look at how the meaning of certain words has changed over time. 

In part 2 we will look at some of the sources of new terms and expressions from anthropomorphic buses to verbose politicians. We will also examine some of the latest words and the influences that cause changes in vocabulary use.

Workshop: "Aspect of Teaching Pronunciation"

A series of practical activities designed to raise learners’ awareness of different aspects of pronunciation – sounds, stress, intonation and sounds in contact.

About Tim

Tim Bowen has taught English and trained teachers in more than 20 countries, including Russia, China, Brazil, Germany, Serbia, Denmark and Poland. He graduated in Slavonic languages at the University of Leeds, did a postgraduate Certificate in Education (TESL) at the University College of North Wales, Bangor, and has an MPhil in the field of TEFL from the University of Southampton. He is co-author of The Pronunciation Book (Longman), Inside Teaching (Macmillan), The Book of Pronunciation, Proposals for a Practical Pedagogy (Delta), author of Build Your Business Grammar (Heinle), co-author of the student portfolios for the Straightforward series (Macmillan) and author of teachers’ editions for the Attitude, Expressions, Open Mind, Master Mind, Pulse and New Inspiration series (Macmillan). He has been a regular contributor to the Macmillan Onestopenglish site since its inception in 2001. His interests include contrastive linguistics, etymology and pronunciation. He is currently a free-lance teacher trainer, author and translator.