Susanne Lewis

Plenary:"Turn Your Students into Storytellers"

In this plenary, you’ll learn what is meant by storytelling in a presentation and why it is so powerful.

You’ll learn to understand and map the journey as well as how to pick the audience up from where they are and make sure they follow you to the final destination.

This will include:

Looking at the speaker’s topic from the audience’s perspective 

Aligning the delivery to make it appealing and relevant for the audience

Exploring different storytelling structures 

Scrutinising the words used in a presentation and the effect they have 

Workshop: "Put on the Spot"

A workshop on presentation skills for non-native speakers

In this workshop, we’ll be exploring what exactly presentation skills are and why your students need them. 

We’ll cover: 

  • Useful tools and how to help your students develop them
  • The creation of roadmaps
  • The collation of stock phrases
  • We’ll also be looking at delivery, covering:Non-verbal signals to support the spoken word
  • Language to use to avoid misunderstandings
  • How to simplify language – making life easier for the speaker and the audience

About Susanne

Susanne Lewis began her career as a secondary school teacher in Switzerland. After her move to the UK, she founded Matterhorn Languages, a company offering corporate language tuition, communication training and translation services. Under Susanne’s guidance, her company regularly translates speeches by senior management and press releases from German into English. These projects require language that is not only compelling for native speakers but also understandable for an international audience. Throughout her company’s 16-year history, Susanne has been working closely with many global brands based in the UK and continental Europe.

During this time, she has delivered various communication skills and cultural awareness training programmes. She has also helped both native as well as non-native business people improve their German or English language skills. Susanne’s experience with international brands has also given her a unique insight into how English is used within a corporate environment. And she has seen how this can present particular challenges for non-native speakers, prompting her to write a fast-track guide to ‘Impress in English – Presentation Skills for Non-Native Speakers’ (available from Amazon).