Dear Participant,

You're it.

You're the kind of person education is built on. The ambition, vision, passion and tireless energy of teachers, educators, and entrepreneurs like yourself have always been the driving force behind change in our society.

EdYOUfest is not like a usual conference.

EdYOUfests are set in the intimate environs of some of the most beautiful and historical places on the planet. We believe lives will change. For the better. More than that, we've seen it happen​

EdYOUfest is led by a consortium of master teachers & entrepreneurs whose vision it is to bring you in contact with fellow teachers & learners, doers and makers, creators, artists & investors so that you can realise the dreams you always had. And make them a reality. What's more  EdYOUfest festivals are curated to ensure you rub shoulders with people who can actually help achieve the results you've always wanted. 

What could be better than that?​

EdYOUfest doesn't believe in titles or bragging about achievements. You leave your ego at the door when you visit EdYOUfest, and you leave a better person. We have no agendas, and no politics.

If you're still reading​, and you think you'd like to spend time with us, make that breakthrough, or just relax. Apply now, before it's too late.

EdYOUfests usually begin on a Friday​ evening and end on a Tuesday morning.

A little history of EdYOUfest

The EdYOUfest Community has been growing since 2014 after holding invitation only retreats in Kosice, Slovakia and Genova, Italy. In August 2016 we went public and invited fifty new community members from over 14 countries to join us for a retreat in Sicily that was all about coming together in new ways to collaborate for change. This year we’re going global with retreats in France, Japan, Ecuador, and Tunisia.